Project Greencultur

Project Greencultur

Greencultur is made as a voice against animal cruelty, a fight to protect our planet, and spread the crucial message of the climate crisis.

After Greencultur went live, Our team decided to do something about the climate crisis not only by selling Eco-Friendly T-shirt's but also by giving back a part of our profit to climate projects. We knew even our Earth Conscious T-shirts contribute carbon to the planet and were supposed to be handled and balanced. Now the question was how to do it? Plant a tree? Rescue an Animal? or Save our Oceans? While all three were equally essential to avert the climate crisis, we came up with an idea - "Contribute to all three!"

The idea seemed very positive to us. We see many organizations invest a lot of money on Tree projects and fewer ones on animal rescue or saving oceans. We believed Earth could be protected when we contribute to all parts of it.

That's how we came up with "Project Greencultur", Equally distribute our funds as,

  1. One Tree For One Tee.
  2. No Blue No Green.
  3. Let's Co-exist


One Tree For One Tee

Forest and trees are an integral part of our Earth and ignoring to nurture them lead to disasters which we canโ€™t sustain. One Tree for One Tee is a project where we plant a tree for every Greencultur Tee purchased.

No Blue No Green

Oceans are polluted every day, itโ€™s undeniable. Eliminating the trash added to waterways is one approach to protect life forms in Oceans, and we need to act now. At Greencultur, we contribute a part of our profit on every purchase to clean up our oceans from plastics to help restore the affected life forms.

Let's Co-Exist

A steep decline of animals and birds is alarming. However, it shows how we are acquiring wildlife habitat and using it for our benefit. Project Co-exists an initiative of Greencultur to dedicate a portion of our profit to save endangered species of our planet.