Our Story

There is only one mission, "Clean Earth, Save Earth" and only one vision, "Cleaner Earth, Safer Earth."


There was no agenda other than starting a business to make money. Being a freelance web developer, I came across many companies and ideas. Thinking of creating something that generates a lot of money, after months of research, I chose to sell T-shirts, considering the amount of effort would be less, and the return on investment would be more. Now, I wanted to pick a niche and select the audience.  

Hunting for a Niche

Selling T-shirts online sounds cool, but hundreds of brands are already doing it. I wanted to start something around a theme that no one is doing. I went through every online store and researched what brands were doing, small, medium, or big, knowing everyone mattered. After months of research, I found very few brands with niches around climate challenges. I felt like I had found a gold mine; how cool would it be to design graphics related to the climate crisis, print them on T-shirts and sell them online? Sounds amazing to me.

Project Climate Crisis 

Let me keep it short here, 

An average temperature rise of 2 degrees Celcius would push 180 million people to starve. It's 1.8 billion people if the temperature increase by 4 degrees Celcius. 

1.2 Trillion Tons of Ice is lost each year. Don't even think about it; we can't understand this because the volume is beyond our comprehension. 

Co2 is at its higher in 2 million years. Let's break it down further, Co2 levels are twice higher than in the pre-industrial period in less than 100 years. 

Global warming is nowhere near reversible. Even if we all stop functioning today, it will take centuries to flip the course of the climate crisis. 

The facts go on... 

The idea was simple, make money. But what good does it do when there is no place left behind to spend it? See something, Say Something! Right? That's how we started, Greencultur. It's not just an idea, It's a philosophy,

"Green should be a new culture."